AMI2016 Final Communiqué

The 2016 AMI final communiqué is now available for download.

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More about The Shore Break

Delegates of the 7th Alternative Mining Indaba enjoyed a lunchtime screening of The Shore Break, a documentary about the threat of mining on South Africa’s Wild Coast.

“In the Amadiba area, on South Africa’s stunning Wild Coast, the Pondo people have tended their traditional way of life for centuries. Nonhle, a young local eco-tour guide, is […]

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AMI 2016 Key Points Day 1


Governments are no longer listening to their people.
We cannot tax if we do not know how much to tax the company
The fact that you own a subsidiary does not mean you make decisions
You can regulate what you don’t own (USA is an example).
The state must play a key role , Africa must end […]

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Reports from international mining-affected communities

During the opening session, the AMI2016 delegates heard report-backs from other mining-effected communities from other parts of Africa and the world. National alternative mining indabas are referred to as NAMIs.

South Africa represented by Meshack Mbangula

MACUA as capacitated communities in all 8 of South Africas mining-effected communities. With the Economic Justice Network, they ran workshops to inform […]

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The Alternative Mining Indaba shows growth and offers dialogue

The 7th Alternative Mining Indaba was opened this morning by Veronica Zano, chairperson of the AMI steering committee. She described the history of the AMI: its inception in 2010 by a group of 40 people seeking a platform to represent the interests of those affected by mining. Today, we have over 350 delegates from 39 countries attending […]

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AMI2016 programme and side events announced

The Alternative Mining Indaba 2016 final programme and side events (which will be hosted alongside the Indaba)  have been announced. We look forward to welcoming our delegates on Monday, 8 February 2016.

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AMI2016 welcomes delegates from 39 countries

The 7th Alternative Mining Indaba will be held in Cape Town, South Africa, from Monday, 8 February to Wednesday, 10 February 2016.

We have 300+ delegates register and look forward to welcoming attendees from 39 countries around the world.

Please note, registration opens at 8am on Monday morning. We look forward to seeing you there!

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