Monday 5 February – Wednesday 7 February 2018

DoubleTree Hotel, Brickfield Rd, Woodstock, Cape Town

Theme: Making Natural Resources Work for the People: Towards Just Legal, Policy and Institutional Reforms.

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Goal and objectives

The main goal is to present an alternative voice, the community voice, to that of corporates who meet yearly during the Mining Indaba. Furthermore it is hoped that the AMI will, through effective advocacy, enhance transparency and accountability in the governance of natural resources and lead to a continent that extracts minerals sustainably and distributes natural resources revenues equitably.

Alternative Mining Indaba Objectives

Objectives of the AMI2018:

  • To provide a platform to empower communities affected and impacted by the extractives industries to reclaim their rights through the formulation of alternatives.
  • To advocate for transparent, equitable and just extractives practices in the management, governance and distribution of national resources through policy and legislative reform.
  • To create meaningful decision making processes for communities, advocating for just national and regional policies and corporate practices.
  • TTo provide space for engagement for the inter faith communities, governments, CSO’s and private sector to share information and experiences.
  • To provide space for the inter faith community to lead and accompany affected and impacted communities.

Desired outcomes:

  • To bring together community representatives, civil society organizations, and multi-lateral organizations and other stakeholders from the SADC and abroad to actively participate in discussing and providing viable recommendations for the future of natural resource extraction in Africa, physically and virtually.
  • Publish the Communiqué in national and regional media so as to gather the support of all African citizens.
  • The development of an Action Plan that has ownership from all the representatives present as a follow up to the Declaration of demands.
  • Solidarity amongst regional mining affected communities, inter-faith organizations, civil society and other likeminded organizations against the injustices in the extractives sector through Marching to the Cape Town International Conference Centre (CTICC) to the Africa Mining Indaba with a clear and progressive Communiqué.
  • Lobby key government bodies and corporates such the AU, SADC, Africa Union Commission and the ICMM to take into account the message from the AMI community.
  • At least 50 per cent of communities attending the AMI receive tangible legal advice from lawyers at the mining legal clinic so as to capacitate them on their legal rights.
  • Increased engagement with the AU Commission through the AMDC and holding discussions with mining affected communities as a result of their activities around reclaiming their rights.
  • The AMI platform widely recognised as a vehicle used by CSOs and FBOs and communities to demand for transparent, just and equitable practices in the management of our natural resources.
  • At least 2 discussions and engagement opportunities created each year, as a result of the AMI, that bring together the inter faith communities, governments, CSO’s and private sector.
Alternative Mining Indaba Proposed Agenda

AMI 2016

AMI Thematic Discussions for 2018

The theme for AMI 2018 is: “Making Natural Resources Work for the People: Towards Just Legal, Policy and Institutional Reform
The Thematic issues for discussion will be:

  • Human Rights Defenders
  • The Curse of Natural Resource Policies
  • Gender and Legal reforms
  • Independent Problem Solving Mechanism
  • Policies and laws that facilitate the benefit sharing for local people.
  • Faith and the Extractives Sector

Our stakeholders and sponsors

The Economic Justice Network of the Fellowship of Christian Councils in Southern Africa (EJN of FOCCISA) are pleased to invite you to the 8th Alternative Mining Indaba in collaboration with: